HSS Forum 2021

Sara Norrehed at the Swedish National Heritage Board’s cultural heritage laboratory is studying X-ray images on a crucifix. Photo: Linnea Ronström (CC BY)

This year’s HSS Forum was a collaboration between the Department of Conservation at the University of Gothenburg and the Swedish National Heritage Board.

The forum’s aim is to highlight heritage science in Sweden and increase its visibility as a research area, while shedding light on current issues and initiatives within the field. Through this, the forum intends to promote and increase collaboration between different organisations and research disciplines.

The conference highlighted current interdisciplinary cultural heritage projects in Sweden and beyond, and served as a meeting place for a broad representation of professionals in the cultural heritage field. The conference was conducted digitally in English, and was organised through half-day sessions focusing on short presentations, talks, discussions and digital poster sessions.

Posters presented at this years conference